Where to buy air tickets for a Dollar

This article will declassification of tools used by hunters of the cheapest tickets! If you ever wondered where the great special fares owners of sites and facebookových groups goes, then this article is intended just for you. It will serve as a guide if you are going to buy a ticket to a destination and do not pay more than you need. This follows the success article how to buy a cheap ticket. Aerotaxi Prague provides many private flights.

Part One – search for specific flights

If you’re at the stage that you really know where you want to fly and would like to find the cheapest ticket is good to start on a comparison of Czech ticket vendors. Queen not to mention (it really the worst option), most commonly based Pelikan.cz or Letuska.cz.

Action flights – an overview

If you try to enter the same route in the search engine letenky.planetacestovani.cz you find that the prices shown on pelikan.cz and Letuska.cz are lower by CZK 490! If you’re at the stage that you have chosen a particular ticket from these portals comes the verification on Matrix.itasoftware.com and AZair.cz, which is particularly suited to comparing low-cost airlines. It is important to also think about the airport of departure! If you live near the border consider whether you paid search, for example, departures from Katowice, Dresden or Bratislava.

Part Two – promotions generally

If you are not looking for a particular destination but just want to have an overview of the special offers you can use primarily the Facebook group as GuiaLowCost, Holidaypirates, Exbir, Flightdeal or Rushflights. However, these groups find bargains is becoming increasingly difficult.

Czech facebookových groups that deal with finding cheap airfares are many and 80% overlap (one portal finds a special price, and the others within moments copied). For the most part this is a special offer from the aforementioned foreign portals or from special section on Pelikan.cz or German Ltur.com where the section Super last minute sometimes true cost a bomb (but usually depart in a few days and need to wade through German – without translators on Google Chrome will not move).

When to buy a ticket?

The rule that the flights are cheapest 3 months prior to departure no longer the case and the events are really fickle. Generally, the flights for the winter season is the best buy in the months of October and November.

When searching for a specific route, however, it is still true that the cheapest prices are in departures / arrivals – Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday (statistically 15:00).