12 tips how to buy tickets to the USA

Advantageous fares to the US tend to be departing and returning during the week, while Friday, Saturday and Sunday are usually the most expensive. Departure from the US plan so that you had after arriving home for some off day ahead, eg. A departure from the US on Thursday, arriving on Friday (due to the length of the flight and the time difference) and you have the whole weekend to recover.

Carefully monitor the number of transfers. The more transfers, the longer the journey, the larger the possibility that a bond will fly away and they will send suitcases away not just to the United States. Delays in air transport is no exception. The question is whether nepřiplatit and keep calm to America years before due to several hundreds of crowns stress. If you are looking for a ticket to the USA with change in London, focusing in particular on direct flights to Prague – London Heathrow (International Airport) – USA. To avoid a further transfer (eg. In Germany), which are often grim times to move to the next plane.

Those of you who live near the border, you can take flights to the USA for example. Munich, Frankfurt or Vienna. In London, you can get even a low-cost company, but be careful here. These companies do not fly to London Heathrow International Airport, from which the international flights to the US. Sometimes it is better to buy a ticket „split“ ticket than the „whole“, eg .: the first ticket from Prague to London and one air ticket from London to the USA you can be cheaper than one ticket Prague – London – USA. With the purchase of air tickets, do not hesitate … sometimes it may be years in America and sold out 6 months before your scheduled departure time, sometimes just to buy tickets and 3 months. Purchase tickets to the USA you can buy over the Internet, even foreign companies. Personally, I already have several times tried (British Airways) and it works without problems. Flights to America ordered over the Internet, you can pay by bank transfer from an account or deposit cash, eventually. and credit card. Flights west USA are usually the cheapest across London, but try other cities such as Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam …

Be careful if you intend to buy a plane ticket to the United States directly by the vendor behind the counter … you may find that you soon will offer the most expensive ticket (personal experience).