Flying without compromise

Comfortable, flexible and powerful – NetJets you a offers enjoyment from the private flying, what others can only imitate. As the only ones in their field we offer size, strength and safety standards commercial airliners along with personal care and attention, which the you gets only u of private flying.

To fly according own terms

More simply his journey in short do not schedule. Just take a by telephone unite with Your dedicated team for services to owners, which is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days in the year. Tell them, where and when you would his airplane they wanted, and until 10 o’clock will be ready.

No stress, none compromise

Forget on a chaotic commercial terminals – maybe, that into them already never more set foot. By car you can reach to the airport according own choice and bullring near the of his airplane, where will welcome you back Your pilot. Into the air you take off during 10 minutes, and will fly directly to the place its destination. Your journey begins and ends on one of the of 5 000 of aerodromes according your choice – s 900 airfield on the selection only in Europe itself.

Traveling, which unfolds from of your needs

All services company’s NetJets are focused only on you and we will do everything for it, to find out what from traveling you expect. Crew will know, who you are, and personally will welcome you. This personal approach continues i on board aircraft, and it in the form your favorite drinks and dishes, reading, music and movies. Kids or homemade darlings are u us welcome. And although to each is treated individually, we do so with immense degree of discreteness, from reservation processes after invoicing. Even our airplanes are without marking.

Welcome in the free world

Airliner, whenever you need it, anywhere in the world, selected for your comfort and piloted according highest standards in the field. Addition to its own of wings it’s the best solutions.