Holiday plane – on what I have right

Air transport is fast and comfortable. How is it with security, flight times, stopovers and comfort?


  • Checks on passengers

Virtually everywhere at airports to carry out security checks on passengers and their baggage. It extends the time of check-in and is thus to be expected in both the packaging and the timely arrival for check-in. Regulations as to what you can take with you into the aircraft cabin is different.

Regarding the Czech Republic (and the rules are the same for all EU countries), you’ll find it on the airport website. In principle, prohibited weapons, explosives, any sharp objects. All the things that are liquid or creamy consistency (any drinks, perfumes, gels, creams, shampoos, toothpaste) may not be the case that you want to take hand luggage on board in packaging larger than 100 ml, provided they are purchased other than in the area for clearance. In non-European countries (except the USA) fluids generally tolerated. Israel as a country threatened by terrorists performs particularly thorough screening, including interview. The airport therefore you have to lose even an hour earlier than usual. But safety is even greater.

  • Checks carriers – blacklist of carriers outside the EU

Occupant safety guards and checking the technical condition of the aircraft. Airlines that do not pay their safety equipment sufficient attention, are included on the blacklist of air carriers. They are fundamentally non-European companies, because in Europe, such a company came concession. European airports such carriers not to fly. For your convenience, the user can just check the airline only if you bought years alone somewhere in another continent.

 Line x years ago to order. When trips are two types of flights scheduled airline, flying in the flight schedule, and flights to order travel agency called. Charter flights. Flights to classical scheduled flights are more expensive, they are bound passenger’s name and some types of tickets are not refundable (ie for the cancellation of the price paid or partially not be returned). Also, low cost airlines fly according to a schedule, tickets are linked to the passenger’s name and if the change is necessary to pay the fee + difference in the ticket price on the date of original purchase and the date changes (which may be even more than the original price of the ticket).

The aircraft on order for travel agents is filling the posts in the hands of a travel agency. Transport is part of the package, and any change of the passenger is thus changing the entire tour (by law it is possible to change a person for another, if it meets the conditions for participation in the tour, and if it takes place at least 7 days prior to departure, for the administration fee, usually in Regulations hundred crowns). In cases where a travel agency has ordered all the occupied sites may doprodávat place in the charter flight at no additional services, thus practically a route.

 Change of flight times

Changes flight times occur for various reasons, and because the number of aircraft and air corridors are particularly in a season is less than demand, so one change may be reflected in more flights (a plane is not enough to return to the home airport – or corridor or runway already occupied by another flight).

In terms of the rights of air passengers in force in EU countries, it is necessary to distinguish the causes of changes due to force majeure and the reasons for which the air carrier. In any case, if there is no right to cancel the flight, the passenger is delayed for longer entitled to care, which is graded depending on flight distance and the length of the delay. Closer to the November clinic. Passenger Claims must be made publicly available at any EU airport, so you can always check.


Did you buy an air trip from Ostrava to Antalya, the seller will insure that it is a direct flight – the plane has a stopover in Prague and Greece. Terminology in this case against you. Direct flight does years without a break, but it’s when nepřesedáte on another plane. Years when you fly without stopping, called nonstop flight.

Night flights

The frequency of air traffic is growing, but the flight corridors remain more or less the same. Travel agencies and their clients would like to see all flights to their final destination was in the morning and evening departures back – but it just does not. First occupying the corridors and runway regular – regular services. Charter tours to vměstnávají up to it, and the bigger the order, the greater the chances of selection time. Czechs are great travelers, but for example, the volume of German it can not match. Flight from a German airport should it however immature, because again you lose time traffic, with přesedáním and no guarantee continuity.

Incidentally, night flights may also have advantages. With luck, you will recreate in place a little longer. On the beach it is fairly well managed, even if / longer have a room. Indeed, in many hotels you can pay extra for a room for half a day.

If you want to be sure that your flight will not be moved at night, choose to leave the beautiful Greek island of Zakynthos. There are in fact banned night flights due to nature conservation, particularly turtles.

 Snacks on a plane

In the days when they used to be expensive flights, we have become accustomed to the fact that during the flight, frequently serves snacks, drinks and food. With the pressure to reduce fares logically pushed to provide trend in tourist class less free refreshments, and only during longer flights. During short often do not receive anything for free, or just water. Including alcoholic drinks and a snack can of course be purchased as part of the on-board sales.

If you have a tighter budget, it pays to buy a water bottle at the airport (of course, in a closed area for clearance, fluid otherwise you were not allowed to take with you). If the board contrary, you want to eat according to their choice, some airlines offer the possibility to order special catering before departure. Information, contact your travel agent or visit a particular airline.